I found this assignment pretty challenging because I am terrible at mixing different colors together for one piece. I have trouble balancing colors so that one doesn’t overwhelm the other. But I still went ahead and gave it a try. I chose to customize and create¬†my dream soccer cleats. I’m a big fan of the sport so it was really fun completing this assignment. As my inspiration I used my favorite soccer team, FC Barcelona, traditional jersey/logo colors, which also happen to be my favorite colors! The three main colors are a deep red, navy blue and golden yellow. Starting with the base (or the sides), I had the option of choosing a solid color or one of the designs that Nike provided. I found a nice red design that fades into black. I thought this would go well with the other reds and the traditional red from the jersey. Next, I had to choose a color for the webbing, which are the lines shown throughout the shoe. I first tried out the red, which wasn’t really noticeable over the other red. The yellow color provided was way too bright so that was a no as well. The navy blue looked really nice and I thought it balanced out well with the red, so I chose that. I then chose blue again for the collar, which is the area around the ankle. So far so good I thought, my method was pretty much to switch off between blue and red. Next, I had to choose the lace color. I knew I wanted to include the gold yellow somewhere, but so far my only option was really bright neon yellow. This was my only opportunity to apply a gold yellow, but I think it worked well. It really makes the shoes pop. The only part of the shoe I didn’t really like was the Nike swoosh. The colors were limited so I just went with the one that looked reasonably okay. Overall, this was a really fun assignment and I think I did pretty well with balancing the colors out, as well as not making the shoe too complicated. Here is the original shoe followed by the ones I designed:

download25download3download2 shoe1