This assignment was fun to make because I’m actually planning to take this vacation next summer. My friends and I really want to travel through the entire west coast. We mostly want to visit the national/state parks, but we would also like to go into the cities a few times. First we plan on starting in Tijuana, Mexico where I will get to show them around and let them experience Mexican culture. Next, we plan on stopping by San Diego and do some exploring there as well. I want to hit up the zoo and the beaches there, as well as the parks. We’ll be camping along the way, but the next big stop would be Los Angeles, where we will do some sight seeing and food tasting. ¬†We will be on a tight budget, so we’ll see how much food we actually get to try. We will continue to camp and drive until we reach Yosemite park, our ultimate goal.There, we will spend a good amount of time being blown away by all the stuff nature has to offer. Overall, I hope to do plenty of hiking, eating, sight-seeing and driving! This assignment made me really look forward to next summer, but gotta wait three seasons til then!

Dream Vacation