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Final Project Week 1 Progress

This week was all about brainstorming and creating an outline for what I want to do. It was tough coming up with an idea that could work for this project because it involves using multiple sorts of digital media and I had to figure out something that could incorporate them all. I then remembered that I had created a story idea that may work when I was working on an assignment a few weeks ago. I will be using that as a base for my project, but nothing is concrete yet so things will likely change. Using this idea, I began brainstorming how I could tell this story using certain forms of video, audio, pictures and other media methods. Ultimately, I created a basket of possible digital media methods that I could use for specific parts of the story. For example, for my intro I could use some design concepts learned to create a title that goes with my story. This would use different concepts used such as font, design format, and writing techniques. I decided to keep an open mind so if one use of digital media doesn’t work, I can try a different idea to tell the story. I think this will reduce stress by realizing that it will take some trial and error, as well as allow me to think of different routes I can take to tell certain parts of my story. I will begin to actually work on my story this week. Keeping an open mind will be key to spur creativity for this project.

My basic outline is:

Title/ intro using design work, picture editing/mashups.

Audio work for different scenes, including both music and dialogue.

Video and picture for some parts of the story, using scenes from movies for other parts.


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