For my final project I tried to create a story through different forms of media such as audio, video, design and web. It took much more effort than I had originally planned, and in the end I had to make some cuts in order to finish the assignment in time. However, I had a blast creating it. I didn’t realize how much I had learned in this course until I noticed myself editing and planning pretty fluidly.

So basically, my story was about these beings from an alternate dimension that had visited earth to steal a device. However, as they left through a portal that connected both dimensions, a group of intoxicated college kids spotted them and followed them out of curiosity. They approached the portal, which remained open for another couple minutes, and promptly jumped in after them. As they fell through the portal there was a glitch that split them up. The rest of the story takes place in the alternate universe, where one of the characters doesn’t know what to do so he just begins following a couple around in hopes of finding answers. The story ends with the character being trapped in this alternate universe for the rest of eternity.

One of the things I created for the Final Project was a movie poster for the story. Compared to what I had created in similar assignments earlier in the year, I think I did a good job. I got to use a lot of design skills that I learned, such as choosing a font that worked well with everything, choosing good placement and all these other small details that I didn’t realize mattered. Overall, I think I made a pretty nice movie poster.

The second piece I did for this assignment was an audio track that worked as a prelude to the story. It takes place as the foreign beings from the alternate dimension are leaving ours. This piece turned out to be super difficult! I had to overlay several sounds to recreate certain things such as a group running, having a conversation and such. I completed this piece using Audacity. It ended up being one of the more time consuming pieces.
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Another assignment I completed was creating part of the story through a website. Using X-ray Goggles, I edited a Youtube page to add on to my story. I changed the comments to create a discussion on the whereabouts of the college kids that jumped into the portal. I was thinking that the edited page would still play the video that was included, but it did not. It was the video of these guys jumping into a hole, which I used for my video piece, so it can be seen there.

My most time consuming piece was the video. It involved video editing, adding audio that was recorded and edited on Audacity, using Windows Encoder, and a lot of searching for the right scenes to use. My process began by searching for a video that could pass as an alternate dimension. Ultimately, I settled for a really cool scene from the movie Inception. It wasn’t crazy enough for me, so I messed with the filtering until I found this really weird setting that worked perfectly. Next, I began editing that video to delete parts that didn’t work well or that I didn’t need.
I then worked on creating a video that showed the college kids falling through the portal. I initially thought it would be super easy, but was I wrong. It was mostly challenging because I had to use Encoder, a program I hadn’t used before. This was needed in order to add pictures onto a video.
I then added the video I found on Youtube that I previously mentioned as the intro to the video. Next, I added audio that was recorded and edited on Audacity to the video. This was challenging in terms of the amount of editing and trimming needed so that it would match the video. In the end, I really wish I could have done more to this piece because I feel like it could have been super cool, but it was still a fun piece to do. The idea behind this video is that one of the college kids ends up in this alternate universe, and begins to follow this couple around asking for help. But it turns out that the laws of this universe don’t coincide with ours, so he is literally nothing in that universe. He simply can’t exist, only his consciousness manages to surpass the change laws of this reality. The video ends abruptly, to create some suspense.

In the end, I really wish I could have had an ending, but it was incredibly hard finding the right video. I was lucky enough to find the ones that I did, such as the one of those guys jumping into what looked like a puddle. Overall, however, I enjoyed thinking outside the box and just being able to be creative with it.