The assignment was Spoiler alert. I misread the directions and instead created a sort of movie trailer, so I’m uploading that instead.This assignment was pretty challenging, but I gained a lot of practice from it. I decided to do a trailer for one of my favorite shows Black Mirror. I first found an episode on Youtube and downloaded it. I then uploaded it to Windows Media Maker and began trimming the video. I would find a specific scene, trim it and then split it from the rest of the video to continue editing the remaining video. Once I had all the scenes I wanted, I began to add words into the scenes and added some transition slides. It was challenging trying to time how long the slides, text and the scenes should be. It was also difficult choosing the right scenes to not give too much away. Before I knew it, I was in front of my screen for hours. Overall, I think this assignment deserves 5 stars because of the total amount of time and effort that was put into it.