For this assignment I decided to record myself doing one of my favorite activities, hiking. We decided to hike Old Rag, a trail out West. For my video I wanted to show a little bit of everything, so I recorded video pretty often just to get a good amount of footage to pick from. I then used Windows Movie Maker to edit the video. It looked real choppy at first, but then I added some transition effects, which I think worked nicely. I think the transition effect I chose worked well with the changes in the video; it helped the video look smoother. I then chose this one song that’s been stuck in my head called Shoegaze by Alabama Shakes to play in the video. The reason I give this assignment four stars is because getting the actual footage was a real challenge (climbing wet boulders while holding a phone isn’t the best idea), and also editing the video to where the footage didn’t just look like a bunch of stuff mashed together. I mean, it still kind of does, but it was a lot worse before.