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Video Assignment No.3 (4 stars)

For this assignment I wanted the song to fit perfectly with the scene. This required extensive research for both footage and a good piece of audio that would work well together. I first started with the picking the right scenes. I wanted something action based. I went through different scenes from several movies until I came across a classic Harry Potter scene: Harry’s first quidditch match. I remember watching this as a kid and it threw me into a nostalgic mood. That’s when I thought of the perfect song for this assignment! As I thought about myself in my early teens I remembered a song by Drowning Pools. I used to listen to this song all throughout middle school, about the same time I got into Harry Potter. I used Windows Movie Maker for this project. To make it worth 4 stars, I decided to do two scenes from Harry Potter movies instead of just one. One of the biggest challenges was timing the song to align with the scene correctly. I wanted certain parts of the song to play while a certain thing happened in the scene. This involved a lot of trimming and moving the audio around. I think it works fairly well!

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