Choosing the right scene for my video essay was sort of challenging. I really wanted to have a scene that I could pick apart and describe the different shots being used. I went through several different movie scenes on Youtube until I remembered a movie I had seen recently, John Wick. I looked up some scenes from it and found a good one that had several of the elements we read about this week. The video I chose contains a few scenes that followe one another in the movie. Using 4k Video Downloader, I downloaded the video from Youtube and opened it on Windows Moviemaker. I then decided to watch the video and make note of the different elements and methods being used throughout. This took the longest, for  I was stopping the video every few seconds. I then used the Narrator tool on Movie-Maker and began to discuss the notes I had written down. Figuring out what to actually say was another challenge, but overall, I really enjoyed discussing this scene from an awesome movie. If you guys notice anything I didn’t feel free to share!